SafeCrypt (formerly SkyCrypt): Cloud encryption for any cloud service provider

DataLocker has a solution called SafeCrypt (formerly SkyCrypt) that allows users to encrypt their data seamlessly at their desktop, and as a result, only encrypted data is synced to the cloud.

Servers get hacked, secrets get leaked and people get careless.  The line that separates YOUR data from the rest of the world is pretty thin in the cloud. Enter SafeCrypt. SafeCrypt — the only FIPS 140-2 validated, military grade 256-bit AES encryption program, which can secure your cloud storage provider or local files. You can safely use SafeCrypt with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or any cloud service provider.

With SafeCrypt, files are fully encrypted to the highest standards at your desktop and stored on your cloud storage account. Even if your cloud service provider is hacked at root level or your personal login is compromised, your files are safe, secure and impenetrable.  Think your cloud service provider is immune to security breaches?  Think again!  Just last month, Dropbox reset all passwords that had remained unchanged since 2012 as a “preventative measure” due to a 2012 Dropbox security breach that has affected an estimated 68 million account holders (BBC News, 31 Aug 2016).

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