The Laptop Alternative, the Thumbtop – Managed Secure USBs with Managed Apps

What if your “laptop” only weighed 9 grams, never broke down, and took 3 minutes to issue out? DataLocker’s managed, encrypted USB drives can be utilized as thumbtops: smaller, smarter, tougher, lighter, and cheaper than a laptop. They allow your organization to stay compliant, secure, and productive. Compared to online virtual environments and remote PCs, DataLocker USB drives work when the networks are choppy and intermittent. Thumbtops work online and offline. Many journalists fear that a surge of remote working people and at home, streaming children may cause a network overload. A solution that can handle offline work, makes sense.

Benefits of Thumbtops

  • Great cost saving compared to laptops, tie up less cash
  • Encrypted USB drives used as thumbtops offer cost savings in distribution and are easier to carry with you (a few grams vs. a sore shoulder)
  • Hardware encrypted thumbtops offer a high level of management control through SafeConsole with audit trails and remote password resets among other features
  • Deploy in minutes and setup scripts for downloads or install apps through SafeConsole
  • Thumbtops are perfect for secure and regulatory compliant work on guest/shared PCs
  • USB 3.0 and premium storage components offer a speedy experience
  • Secure USBs are extremely robust compared to laptops
    • Laptops have a general failure rate greater than 15% over two years 
    • DataLocker secure USB storage devices are far below 0.5% and they can even withstand dust and moisture
    • If the host PC breaks, your data is safe and accessible when you find a new host PC
  • Lower environmental impact (much less materials and rare earth metals used)
  • It is easy to recycle/reuse thumptops for new users – a secure USB can be remotely reset in 30 seconds and issued to a new user vs. many hours of work per laptop

Use Cases for Thumbtops

  • Remote workers can access corporate applications through approved apps and be allowed to securely store data offline when needed – for example when Internet is unavailable
  • Students and researchers, are provided their own environment and storage for work to secure access on shared PCs
  • Disaster recovery, during trying times, this is a cost-efficient way of enabling the workforce on any PC
  • System admin troubleshooting using different tools

Software to Deploy with Thumbtops 

  • For regular use, a suite of portable applications is available through including: FireFox browser, Thunderbird email client to allow offline work, and OpenOffice Suite
  • For power users that require special operating systems and applications, Portable VirtualBox can be run on thumbtops – this popular virtualization environment made portable is perfect for developers, engineers, and consultants that require full control
  • DataLocker also offers two additional SafeConsole managed software agents that offer compliance and can complement thumbtops when possible.

Thanking Our Customers and Showing Our Appreciation

DataLocker is honored to provide exceptional products and services for our customers all year long, but there is no better time than the Thanksgiving season to reflect on how much you mean to us!

As we all prepare to wrap up another year, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude for your trust and partnership with us.

Where you live

We know the world is becoming smaller as more and more essential tasks are completed remotely and important information must be easily (and securely) shared across the globe. DataLocker customers are present on six continents, taking advantage of secure drives, device management, and remote capabilities literally worldwide.

DataLocker is proud to support you from our U.S. headquarters, as well as our offices in The Netherlands and Korea.

The work you do

We’re ready to protect your most important information, no matter the industry you serve. Our 256-bit military-grade encryption is the preferred choice for leaders in healthcare, legal, finance, energy, government, military agencies, and beyond.

We handle the technology (and ensure compliance with HIPAA, SOX, NRC, GLB, GDPR, and other directives) so DataLocker customers can rest assured that their sensitive data is secure.

What you have to say

We love hearing from DataLocker customers, especially when they’re letting us know how much they value the simple and secure solutions we provide.

“DataLocker is slick, easy to use, and reliable. And you can quote me!”
– Vint Cerf, Google

“The touchscreen is definitely slick, and this drive is worth considering if you need to move sensitive data between machines. The touch-screen controls on this drive look like a gimmick, but they make common tasks far easier. This drive fulfills one other important function: it supports Macs as well as PCs.”
– Andrew Brandt, PC Magazine

Thank you!

This Thanksgiving, what the DataLocker team is most thankful for is you!

Endpoint Management

Gone are the days when an organization’s data was accessed strictly on-site. The convenience of laptops, tablets, smartphones, flash drives, portable drives, and other mobile devices has opened up an entire world of possibilities and flexibility for how our teams operate. But it has also opened up new challenges and concerns for maintaining secure data, enter the need for secure endpoint management.

Do you have to sacrifice security in order to make data storage and data sharing convenient? The answer is no! Fortunately, data security standards have evolved right along with technological advances—which means that you can continue taking advantage of remote worksites and information access with confidence. So as team members are able to access systems, programs, and information in a decentralized environment, how can your leadership ensure that your data remains secure with more and more endpoints being used in your network? Enter, endpoint management.

What is endpoint management?

An endpoint management system can help you protect your data and your most important systems no matter where they are accessed. The great thing about flash drives, removable media storage, and other devices is that your team can easily and quickly share large files, sensitive data, proprietary information, and more—the things that you are unable (or unwilling) to share over public networks.

You can use a central management system to secure endpoints by setting requirements, monitoring activity, completing audits, and restricting access remotely. Those requirements and reporting are all managed by only those with administrator-level access to the system. Endpoint management gives you control over the devices that are outside your physical reach but are still being used to view, edit, and share the data you care about most.

How Is Endpoint Management Used?

There are plenty of features that make an endpoint management system the best way to secure endpoints across your network with ease, whether you are the end-user or an administrator overseeing the use of devices. Here are seven of the most important components that DataLocker incorporates into our security solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Password Protection

The first line of defense is usually a good password, but not all users will take this step on their own. Set a strong password policy that is required for all devices. Keep access to your endpoints limited to those with the right password—and define administrators who can support password resets when needed.

Hardware Encryption

Encryption ensures that all of your data on managed devices is unreadable to anyone who does not have the correct encryption key. With military-grade 256-bit encryption, devices are protected from brute-force attacks and attempts from unauthorized users to access the stored information.

Defined Restriction

Create restrictions on when or how devices can be used. Want your devices to only be accessible within certain geographic boundaries? Set a geofence to limit access to specific locations anywhere across the globe. Want to limit the types of files that can be stored on secured devices? Set a restriction to prevent the storage of unauthorized file types.

Tracked Connection

With an endpoint management system, you can track where your managed devices are being used, locate lost devices, kill stolen devices, push updates, allow password resets, set devices to read-only mode, and more. And all of this can be accomplished remotely, with no need to physically access the device in order to effectively manage it.

Virus Protection

Managed devices can have virus protection and anti-malware defense installed across the board. Confirm that all information stored across your organization is scanned for viruses, worms, trojan horses, and other issues—and set protocols to automatically remove any found threats. Your administrators can then review reporting on all scans and incidents to ensure maintained security.

Audit Creation

Generate detailed audits of your managed device inventory, including log-in statuses, failed unlocking attempts, and geolocation tracking. File auditing can help you see what files have been copied, deleted, or renamed on secured devices. These features support ongoing endpoint management as well as compliance requirements for various regulatory agencies.

Easy Implementation

Using a management system to secure endpoints means that your leadership team can set all the parameters and requirements and implement them throughout the network. There is no need for a lot of extensive training for team members or point-by-point applications. It is all controlled right at your fingertips.

How Can DataLocker Help?

DataLocker uses AES 256-bit encryption standards to build security solutions that serve its clients’ hardware, software, and management needs—and is constantly striving to remain on the cutting edge of industry best practices.

DataLocker’s portfolio of innovative products include encrypted hard drives and encrypted virtual drives to give your organization the storage space you need, encrypted USB flash drives and encrypted external hard drives that provide secure removable media storage and transfer, and central management solutions with an interface that is easy to use and capable of managing secured devices from anywhere in the world. These solutions are designed to keep your data secure from end to end.

Plus, our products are FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) validated and compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), DHS (Department of Homeland Security), NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), GLB (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), and other regulatory directives. That is why DataLocker’s patented encryption technology is used by military and government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, health care agencies, banking and financial institutions, and other organizations worldwide who prioritize keeping sensitive and proprietary information secured.

Your organization does not have to sacrifice security for convenience: invest in an endpoint management system that can protect your most important data from exposure and spare your team a public relations nightmare. Ready to learn how DataLocker can help you secure endpoints? Contact to request a sample or click here to request an evaluation!

Data Encryption

You may have been urged to find encryption services to help protect your organization’s data—but if you are a leader who is unfamiliar with information technology best practices or the technical side of managing data, the phrase “data encryption” might feel like techno jargon or simply like a vague concept without a concrete solution.

But the fact is, data encryption is critical to assuring your leadership team, your customers, your investors, and other valued stakeholders that you prioritize security and that your organization has taken steps aligned with industry best practices to prevent a data breach, leak, or error situation.

At DataLocker, data encryption is not just what we focus on, but what we excel in. And we have made it our mission to provide data encryption solutions that are easy to use and cost-effective (without forgoing military-grade security) to enterprises around the world.

What is data encryption?

Data encryption helps ensure that your information is protected and secured if it falls into the wrong hands—whether intentionally or unintentionally. By encoding your data through encryption, you make it unreadable to any unauthorized users who receive it.

Only authorized users can decrypt the data by using a password or encryption key, which gives them access to the data that has been stored on your hard drive, remote storage, or other information storage platform. This gives you and your leadership team the control to decide when data can be retrieved, where it can be retrieved, and who can retrieve it.

Instead of relying on a simple password, which can be guessed or hacked, or on physical locks and protection, data encryption scrambles your organization’s information, making it strictly inaccessible without the right verification key. Data encryption is the gold standard for protecting your most valuable and most sensitive data.

Why is data encryption important?

Gone are the days when you can store your valuable information under lock and key. In an era of big data, mass storage, and an increasingly remote workforce, data encryption is essential to ensure that only those who are supposed to have access to your information can read, edit, or transfer it.

And particularly in cases where your full staff or team does not have extensive information technology training (which is the case for many organizations), it can be difficult or even impossible to rely on each person taking the initiative and responsibility to properly secure all drives and devices. Plus, no matter how well trained or well intentioned, human error is a fact of life and even a small slip up can quickly put your data—and your organization—at risk.

Data encryption ensures that no matter how or where you have information collected and stored, it is protected from loss, damage, or misuse.

What is the technology behind data encryption?

DataLocker uses military-grade 256-bit encryption standards, which means that there are 1.1579 × 1077 possible keys to decrypt the stored information. How secure is that? The odds of guessing that key are like getting your March Madness bracket completely perfect . . . four times in a row. That is why DataLocker’s encryption technology is used by government and military agencies, legal institutions, the healthcare industry, financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies.

We use those security standards to build innovative products that serve our clients’ hardware, software, and management needs—allowing them to store, share, and secure all of their most important information. As a matter of fact, DataLocker owns more than a dozen patents for the technology we use. And because technology is changing and improving almost constantly, DataLocker stays on the cutting edge of industry best practices and advances in encryption to bring our customers the best solutions of the day.

How can data encryption be used?

DataLocker offers a wide portfolio of innovative products to leverage our data encryption technology. Combining state-of-the-art security with ease of use for our clients and their teams, our encrypted hard drives and encrypted virtual drives provide the storage space you need. And when you need to be able to safely and securely transfer data, our encrypted USB and flash drives and encrypted optical media (including both CDs and DVDs) provide a secure solution for removable media storage. We also want to make it possible to easily and securely manage your encrypted drives from anywhere in the world. With our central management solution and its easy-to-use interface, you can do just that.

These products can help you and your organization secure customer data, patient histories, business plans, financial transactions, employee information, sensitive communication, and more. Data encryption stores your data securely until the right parties are ready to access it at the right time.

How can DataLocker help?

The level of security that DataLocker provides for your data is not reflective of the level of expertise you need to use it. Our motto is Simply Secure because we believe in bringing encryption solutions that can help protect your organization’s data against both targeted attacks and the inherent risks of human error. There is no need to rely on intensive training and complicated processes and procedures when you can rely on DataLocker’s data encryption instead.

We are the leader in the data encryption industry, offering best-in-class data security solutions for organizations large and small who are dedicated to protecting their data from breaches, leaks, and mistakes.

Do not leave your organization open to exposure or a public relations nightmare. Make data encryption services a priority. Ready to learn how DataLocker can support your organization through simply secure data encryption? Contact to request a sample or click here to request an evaluation!

Trade Shows: Look for DataLocker on the road in 2017!

As January marches on, we’re anticipating and planning for a very busy 2017.  We’ll be attending and exhibiting at four big industry trade shows in first quarter alone!  Be sure to look for DataLocker at:
  • LegalTech in New York, NY (1/31 – 2/2).  LegalTech will have over 10,000 attendees and boasts an extensive gathering of innovative products designed to meet the current and future technology needs of the legal community.
  • RSA in San Francisco, CA (2/13 – 2/17).  RSA is a leading cybersecurity conference.  Attendees learn about new approaches to information security, discover the latest technology and interact with top security leaders and pioneers.
  • WEST in San Diego, CA (2/21 – 2/23).  WEST is in its 27th year of bringing military and technology industry leaders together.  Makers of platforms and the designers of technologies can network, discuss and demonstrate their solutions in a single locale.
  • HIMSS in Orlando, FL (2/21 – 2/23).  HIMSS is where healthcare and IT intersect.  The conference boasts over 40,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world.

But that’s not all- later in the year you’ll find us at InfoSec Europe, GITEX Dubai and Secure World Kansas City.  With each conference and exhibit, we hope to showcase our market leadership and prove why DataLocker is the foremost innovative provider of encryption solutions. DataLocker is trusted by governments, military and enterprises around the world. Other industries, including legal, financial and healthcare, use DataLocker products to secure, store, and transfer confidential data.  Come see us on the trade show floor and learn more!


Happy New Year from DataLocker


As we bid farewell to 2016 and welcome the new year, we hope you’ve had wonderful holidays and enjoyed the company of family and friends.  2016 was a year of tremendous growth for us, and we are anxious to see what 2017 brings!

We are grateful to our customers for placing their trust in us and counting on us to deliver the most robust solutions to their storage needs, every single day.  Thank you for your continued business.

From all of us at DataLocker, we wish you the best for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017!  Cheers!

How to protect your data from disgruntled employees


We hear about cybercriminals and data hackers all the time.  But another threat lies close to home and can be equally if not more devastating.  Sensitive data and corporate intellectual property must be protected at all times, even when it comes to employees.  Disgruntled employees with malicious intent can wreak havoc, as can those who unwittingly violate corporate data use policy.

So what’s an organization to do, especially now that business is more mobile than ever?  How can sensitive data be protected from disgruntled employees?

For starters, having a solid corporate data usage policy and clear standards on the front end is a given.  Privileged passwords that are updated frequently and limited access to data are two things to consider.  In addition, the administrator should ensure that any former employees’ user accounts have been disabled.  IT departments should be vigilant, monitoring for potential insider threats and being aware of activity that looks suspicious or out of the ordinary by anyone that has access to corporate credit cards, proprietary or sensitive business data and other intellectual property.

DataLocker provides many solutions for encrypting data, which greatly reduces the risk of hacking by disgruntled employees or outsiders.  Employers have to be able to manage and track data. This includes knowing who has accessed it and from where, and through which device(s).

When it comes to mobile security, all of DataLocker’s hardware encrypted products, particularly the ones that can be managed with either IronKey EMS or SafeConsole, can give you peace of mind as you protect your data, your mobile workforce and your organization. Unlike most portable storage solutions, DataLocker drives use hardware-based encryption for seamless encryption that does not compromise performance. DataLocker drives also have a self-destruct feature so that if a drive is lost or stolen, potential attackers will not be able to use brute force to break into them. This greatly increases the odds of your organization coming out of the whole experience unscathed. It is imperative that organizations efficiently and cost-effectively protect data by administering usage and encryption policies, password restrictions, and more from a central console. These tasks are made easy with IronKeyEMS.

With SafeConsole central management server software, you can instantly gain complete and granular control over all of your encrypted USB flash drives and portable hard drives.  Additionally, you will achieve compliance for USB storage usage, while enjoying full control and audit.

SafeCrypt (formerly SkyCrypt) allows users to encrypt data seamlessly at their desktop, and as a result, only encrypted data is synced to the cloud. Even if your cloud service provider is hacked at root level or your personal login is compromised, your files are safe, secure and impenetrable.

DataLocker is committed to helping you protect your most sensitive data, at your desktop, on the go and in the cloud.  If you are interested in receiving an evaluation of your mobile security, or to try one of our products, please click here and an account executive will be in touch.  You may also email us at


Why FIPS validated products are so important


DataLocker has been providing cutting-edge, advance encryption solutions since 2011.  Our government and military clients are especially keen on protecting sensitive data and regularly look to us for solutions so they can securely transport, store and share data. Lost or stolen devices should not be equated with compromised data!

One of the typical requirements for encryption solutions is that they be FIPS validated.  FIPS stands for Federal Information Processing Standards.  These standards were developed by the National Institute of Standards for Technology (NIST) through the U.S. Department of Commerce as benchmarks for security in government pursuant to the Federal Information Security Management Act.

Several of our products are FIPS 140-2 validated.  This refers specifically to cryptographic modules, such as our hardware-encrypted external hard drives and USB flash drives. There are four levels of security within FIPS 140-2.  (Read more about FIPS 140-2 security levels here.)  At the highest level, level 4, the physical security mechanisms provide a complete envelope of protection around the cryptographic module with the intent of detecting and responding to all unauthorized attempts at physical access.

So what makes DataLocker FIPS validated products unique?  Our DataLocker DL3 FE is the only drive on the market that utilizes two pass cascading encryption using two different independently generated random keys for unsurpassed security. And the DataLocker H350 has earned end-to-end FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation (certification #2359) for the entire H350 External Hard Drive – not just its encryption components- making it immune from attacks such as “BadUSB” or “Equation Group,” which also target other components of the device.  In addition, the following DataLocker products are FIPS validated:

More information on DataLocker’s certifications can be found here.  If you are interested in receiving an evaluation of your mobile security, or to try one of our products, please click here and an account executive will be in touch.  You may also email us at

How Organizations Benefit from Centrally Managed Secure USB Drives

According to research, 76% workers plug unknown USB drives into their company PCs, compromising their network security and introducing malware into the system. Besides, almost 20% of 1,000 UK office workers interviewed also revealed that they have lost unsecure USB drives containing sensitive business information. These statistics point towards the susceptibility of our sensitive data in USB drives to leakage and theft.
Hence, it only makes sense to secure data in the USB drives through secure, centrally managed systems. While secure USB automatically and instantly protects all stored data on the USB drive, SafeConsole central USB management enables complete control over the organization’s SafeConsoleReady Devices.

Organizational Benefits of Centrally Managed Secure USB Drives

Here is how organizations can use secure centrally managed USB drives to protect sensitive information:

  • Centrally managed USB drives ensure the security and availability of stored data for users, be it organizations or administrators.
  • They help USB drives evolve into a complete portable computing platform.
  • Enable users to share specific information, rather than all data present on the USB, with intended users.
  • They protect users from unintended USB malware during file sharing.
  • It is the best means of secure file sharing over the internet, especially where putting in place secure emailing may be difficult.
  • Enable organizations to comply with the safety and accountability standards, even for devices present outside the network perimeter or are offline. This is achieved by activating the device’s complete audit capacities for file changes and device actions.
  • Enable organizations to issue portable virtual workspaces for employees on their USB devices, in essence managed thumbtops – this offers a cost-effective and offers secure work environment for users within the protected workspace.
  • Central USB management also helps organizations improve their control over their private data and limits device wastage with detailed inventory of all managed devices.

DataLocker® to exhibit at GITEX Technology Week, October 16-20, Dubai World Trade Center


gitexDataLocker ( is pleased to be exhibiting at the upcoming 36th GITEX Technology Week at the Dubai World Trade Centre, October 16-20, 2016 at Concourse 1 CC1-3 in participation with Kingston Technology.

GITEX Technology Week provides an excellent opportunity for us to introduce attendees to IronKey EMS support for the newly released IronKey D300 Managed encrypted USB Flash Drives by Kingston (  DataLocker and Kingston have been close partners working together on both SafeConsole and IronKey EMS managed encryption solutions.

The D300 represent the next generation of IronKey flash drives and will provide both managed and non-managed encrypted drive solutions for customers that are the most up-to-date and cost-effective in the marketplace.  “We leveraged Kingston’s history of delivering high-quality Flash memory products along with IronKey’s trusted reputation in the encrypted storage industry.  Together with DataLocker, we’ve created a strong and reliable managed USB Flash drive solution that will serve business customers for years to come,” said Ken Campbell, Flash business manager, Kingston.

“Our ongoing partnership with Kingston allows us to be leaders in the Secure USB Management arena,” said Jay Kim, CEO, DataLocker.  ” The IronKey D300 and D300 Managed Encrypted USB Flash Drives are two more tools that allow us to safeguard our customers’ sensitive data with the most advanced level of security.”

IronKey D300 Managed drives require an IronKey EMS by DataLocker license that makes it easy to establish a secure storage command center for administering and policing your hardware investment.  It is easy to securely manage all of your organization’s IronKey D300 Managed devices with a cloud based or on-premises solution.  One can enforce password policies, remotely disable lost or stolen drives, reset passwords and more, all from an easy to use, intuitive dashboard.

GITEX (“Gulf Information Technology Exhibition”), the 3rd largest technology event on the planet, is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference that takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Centre.