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Thanking Our Customers and Showing Our Appreciation

DataLocker is honored to provide exceptional products and services for our customers all year long, but there is no better time than the Thanksgiving season to reflect on how much you mean to us!

As we all prepare to wrap up another year, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude for your trust and partnership with us.

Where you live

We know the world is becoming smaller as more and more essential tasks are completed remotely and important information must be easily (and securely) shared across the globe. DataLocker customers are present on six continents, taking advantage of secure drives, device management, and remote capabilities literally worldwide.

DataLocker is proud to support you from our U.S. headquarters, as well as our offices in The Netherlands and Korea.

The work you do

We’re ready to protect your most important information, no matter the industry you serve. Our 256-bit military-grade encryption is the preferred choice for leaders in healthcare, legal, finance, energy, government, military agencies, and beyond.

We handle the technology (and ensure compliance with HIPAA, SOX, NRC, GLB, GDPR, and other directives) so DataLocker customers can rest assured that their sensitive data is secure.

What you have to say

We love hearing from DataLocker customers, especially when they’re letting us know how much they value the simple and secure solutions we provide.

“DataLocker is slick, easy to use, and reliable. And you can quote me!”
– Vint Cerf, Google

“The touchscreen is definitely slick, and this drive is worth considering if you need to move sensitive data between machines. The touch-screen controls on this drive look like a gimmick, but they make common tasks far easier. This drive fulfills one other important function: it supports Macs as well as PCs.”
– Andrew Brandt, PC Magazine

Thank you!

This Thanksgiving, what the DataLocker team is most thankful for is you!

Importance of Secure Data

Your data deserves secure storage—and you deserve the confidence that comes with knowing your most important information is protected. But if you’re picturing a steel safe or a 75-character password, there are better options available for easily and reliably maintaining your secure data.

When handling sensitive data, it isn’t enough to simply lock it down to prevent anyone from getting to it. You and your team still need to be able to use it as needed! Cloud-based systems have made it possible to deliver simple 24/7 access to team members and stakeholders worldwide—but that level of convenience is hard to secure.

So how do you allow the right people to access the right data at the right time—without letting it become available to unauthorized parties in the meantime?

The importance of security

Without proper protection, you can put your organization’s data at risk for exposure, theft, leaks, and corruption. Keeping your data secure is essential to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, whether as a result of a malicious attack or through accidents caused by simple human error.

Today’s news cycles are often dominated by data breaches and hacks—episodes that leave affected organizations scrambling to mitigate not only the incident itself but also a public relations headache. You have better things to do than checking and double-checking your data security.

A better way

As today’s technology standards and security best practices continue to evolve, DataLocker is creating cutting-edge solutions to reflect them. We are the leading provider of encryption services and we know that solutions for secure data go beyond your hardware and data storage devices. In today’s world, being able to store, transfer, and access data locally, on the web, and on portable storage devices is essential to organizations across all industries.

Our SafeCrypt storage solution is a virtual drive that provides military-grade 256-bit encryption for data whether it’s in the cloud, on an external drive, or on a local drive. Plus, it’s FIPS 140-2 validated and compliant with HIPPA, SOX, DHS, NRC, GLB, and other regulatory directives.

Learn more about DataLocker’s suite of data encryption storage solutions or request an evaluation today.

Military and Secure Data

There are few organizations that require higher security measures for their data than those in the military sector. From small agencies and mobile teams to larger bases and headquarters, maintaining secure data is an important component of successful operations.

Here are three areas where data security for the military is most critical.


Those who participate in military operations and processes—including those in the private sector who work on government contracts or other military-related projects—are subject to thorough background checks, security clearances, and continued reporting. And all of those precautions can be put at risk in the case of a data breach or security violation.

Using military-grade data security for military personnel can keep your team and your work safe from security incidents or compromised data no matter where they are.


Keeping weapons and armaments secure is truly a matter of life and death, and that goes for the manuals, plans, blueprints, objectives, and other data associated with them as well. As the world continues to decrease our reliance on paper and hard copies of such information, keeping that data stored electronically can leave it vulnerable to hacks and disruptions.

By implementing fully encrypted and secure solutions for weapons-related information, you can protect your most sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.


Successful surveillance operations rely on being uncompromised—and often on being undetected. Whether monitoring secure locations, keeping tabs on potentially dangerous situations, or providing a means of investigation, obtaining and securing surveillance data includes protecting it from disruptions or thefts. But as such data is both procured and transmitted, there may be weaknesses that can put it at risk.

Secured transfer and storage solutions using military-grade data encryption allow you to maintain surveillance initiatives without vulnerability to attack.

DataLocker’s suite of solutions are designed to provide data security for the military without the hassles of installation, configuration, or added security training for your team. In addition, our products are compliant with TAA (Trade Agreements Act), as well as with directives from HIPAA, SOX, DHS, NRC, GLB, and more.

Learn more about DataLocker’s data encryption solutions for government and military agencies or request an evaluation today.