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Remote Worker Software Toolkit from DataLocker – Stay Productive and Compliant

As many companies move to a remote teleworking environment there is increased concern about how to keep sensitive data at rest secure. What can be done to provide workers with secure and stable storage using DataLocker’s centrally managed software solutions? 

Encrypt local data allowing offline work if the Internet becomes temporarily clogged

SafeCrypt utilizes military-grade encryption and allows central IT to track stored data in its secure drives to quickly achieve compliance. SafeCrypt can be installed manually on any remote PC by the end-user or through regular central admin tools if the machine is under administrative control.

It is also possible to synchronize the locally encrypted data into any cloud service while still keeping company control over the encryption keys. This is extremely important and also allows failovers if one backup service goes down. 

SafeCrypt can also be used even if networks temporarily fail, as some leading journalists fear as there is a surge to online services. 

Lockdown USB ports, as machines are more likely exposed in unsafe environments 

Many organizations have a sense of security regarding USB usage when laptops are mainly used at the office. But sending all the laptops to homes, environments that are less safe, heightens the risk that company laptops are used for school work, sharing, and more. This might be alright, we need to share resources, but it is reasonable to ensure that not any USB drive can be plugged into the corporate machine as the risk of malware and data breaches is significant. Administrators will also be in a hard position trying to sanitize machines remotely if USB malware hits. The better option is to deploy PortBlocker to remotely control which USB devices can be used. PortBlocker can easily be installed and enrolled by the worker to the SafeConsole cloud or on-prem server. It can also be installed automatically if the admin has central control of the machines. 

Deployment of a SafeConsole SaaS trial with both SafeCrypt and PortBlocker can take as little as a few hours with the current workload for approving trials. The trial can then be turned into a production environment after licensing is complete.

As a leader in the field, DataLocker has a range of solutions that meet industry security standards. 

DataLocker strives to serve our community and our customers by contributing pieces to the remote IT puzzle that we have available. Also, check out our secure USB storage products that can be used as encrypted storage or as secure laptop alternatives.

The Laptop Alternative, the Thumbtop – Managed Secure USBs with Managed Apps

What if your “laptop” only weighed 9 grams, never broke down, and took 3 minutes to issue out? DataLocker’s managed, encrypted USB drives can be utilized as thumbtops: smaller, smarter, tougher, lighter, and cheaper than a laptop. They allow your organization to stay compliant, secure, and productive. Compared to online virtual environments and remote PCs, DataLocker USB drives work when the networks are choppy and intermittent. Thumbtops work online and offline. Many journalists fear that a surge of remote working people and at home, streaming children may cause a network overload. A solution that can handle offline work, makes sense.

Benefits of Thumbtops

  • Great cost saving compared to laptops, tie up less cash
  • Encrypted USB drives used as thumbtops offer cost savings in distribution and are easier to carry with you (a few grams vs. a sore shoulder)
  • Hardware encrypted thumbtops offer a high level of management control through SafeConsole with audit trails and remote password resets among other features
  • Deploy in minutes and setup scripts for downloads or install apps through SafeConsole
  • Thumbtops are perfect for secure and regulatory compliant work on guest/shared PCs
  • USB 3.0 and premium storage components offer a speedy experience
  • Secure USBs are extremely robust compared to laptops
    • Laptops have a general failure rate greater than 15% over two years 
    • DataLocker secure USB storage devices are far below 0.5% and they can even withstand dust and moisture
    • If the host PC breaks, your data is safe and accessible when you find a new host PC
  • Lower environmental impact (much less materials and rare earth metals used)
  • It is easy to recycle/reuse thumptops for new users – a secure USB can be remotely reset in 30 seconds and issued to a new user vs. many hours of work per laptop

Use Cases for Thumbtops

  • Remote workers can access corporate applications through approved apps and be allowed to securely store data offline when needed – for example when Internet is unavailable
  • Students and researchers, are provided their own environment and storage for work to secure access on shared PCs
  • Disaster recovery, during trying times, this is a cost-efficient way of enabling the workforce on any PC
  • System admin troubleshooting using different tools

Software to Deploy with Thumbtops 

  • For regular use, a suite of portable applications is available through including: FireFox browser, Thunderbird email client to allow offline work, and OpenOffice Suite
  • For power users that require special operating systems and applications, Portable VirtualBox can be run on thumbtops – this popular virtualization environment made portable is perfect for developers, engineers, and consultants that require full control
  • DataLocker also offers two additional SafeConsole managed software agents that offer compliance and can complement thumbtops when possible.